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  • The Anitafrika Method Deck 

The The Anitafrika Method Deck  (click to view) is a comprehensive arts-based intervention system created by d'bi.young anitafrika and designed by Chiedza Pasipanodya, packaged in an accessible deck of 50 cards that allow the practitioner to self-navigate in cultivating a healthier life. Through the creation of the Anitafrika Method deck as a health guide, Black and diverse womxn can use self-directed tools be better equipped to identify and access holistic health resources specific to their needs, using the cards to become clearer about the areas in which they need the most support. Having the health cards at their fingertips, the womxn communicated they felt more self-empowered and self-actualizing, as the cards gave them new frameworks through which to understand themselves. To purchase a deck please visit Spolrusi Publishing.

  • ​Sacred Health Website

The Sacred Health  website is both a documentation of the project and a resource space geared toward Black and POC womxn; providing easily accessible holistic health resources and knowledge transfer tools. It is crucial to document the process of this research as a part of challenging the erasure that Black womxn and womxn of colour experience in the health-care system in Toronto and in Canada. Documentation also challenges the loneliness and sense of I am the only one going through this  that Black and diverse womxn often experience when they are sick and tired.


  • Sacred Health Guide

Through the creation of this online and print version of the Sacred Health Guide the project is able to provide provide links to community resources that respond to the needs of Black womxn and womxn of colour. Not only are the project participants better equipped to identify and access w/holistic health resources specific to their needs, an increase in public awareness, for those who come across the site can result in both a reduction in the barriers faced by Black womxn and womxn of colour as well as encourage a continued invest -tigation into the health needs of racialized communities.


  • Sacred Health Video  

​The 5 minute Sacred Health Video (click to view) that was  created from the project is an essential element in creating a visual archive and celebration of the power of Black and diverse womxn to tell our own stories of healing without  shame or guilt; highlighting our very own indepth findings and discoveries. 

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