The Framework

What is holistic health? What is the relationship between holistic health and self-actualization? How is physical health connected to and impacted by mental and spiritual health? The Anitafrika Method is a ground-breaking intersectional anti-oppression liberation framework rooted in creative discovery for self and collective empowerment particularly as they relate to the holistic health of the individual and of the community. Originated and facilitated globally by d'bi.young anitafrika, the method was inspired by the seminal dub theory work of anitafrika's mother Anita Stewart.

The method entails eight principles: Self-KnowledgePolitics, Orality, Language, Rhythm, Urgency, Sacredness and Integrity which the practitioner explores through eight bodies: Beyond Body, Spiritual, Mental, Community, Emotional, Economic, Creative and Physical. Each body is connected to a Chakra and is accompanied by an Action Word, for example To Transcend, To Believe, To Think, To Participate, To Feel, To Exchange, To Create, To Do. During the sessions practitioners are challenged to uncover their deepest integrities and are invited to continually ask the questions Who am I? How am I? What is my purpose? Supported by the method through a range of meditations, reflections, physical, theatrical, literary and leadership activities, each practitioner is guided through a sacred process of uncovering their own empathetic eco-system of accountability and responsibility.

The Anitafrika Method's multiple applications include: personal growth, art/theatre-making, health intervention, organization culture-building, transformational justice & leadership development. It has been utilized by The Stephen Lewis Foundation, University of Toronto, The Banff Centre, MaRS Studio Y, Nightwood Theatre, Youth Links and numerous institutions and organizations nationally and internationally. 

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